Personal mantras are awesome and can instantly boost your mood and bring you confidence calmness in the present moment.  Think of it as a personalized message or slogan that pulls us out of whatever is troubling our minds and back focused on what matters. The most effective personal mantras are those that are hand-written, in our own words, to address our own specific triggers for doubt, negativity and bad decisions. The mantra should be a positive statement of affirmation and a guideline for us to follow every day.

Six months ago I was going through a period in my life where I really lacked self-confidence. I had the idea to start this blog, yet so many internal doubts were in my way. I wrote my personal mantra as part of a course I took to help me overcome my own self-imposed hurdles. Maybe my mantra will help you out, or better yet, try writing one of your own!

I will choose to cultivate love for myself every day as guiding principle, for I cannot give to others what I do not possess myself. I recognize that the only way to carry out the purpose of my life is by loving every part of the authentic me and my one-of-a-kind journey. I will confidently stand by all decisions made with a loving heart and mind. I will recognize that decisions I’ve made in unnecessary fear or self-doubt are also wonderful teachers, and when this occurs, I will own my mistakes and love that I’ve been given the opportunity to grow. I have faith that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be at this very moment, so I can let go of the burden to over-analyze the past or worry about the future and instead, be confident in the present.

Would love to hear your personal mantras or sayings that bring you strength and confidence. Share in the comments below! You never know who you might help 🙂


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