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The Honest Reason Why Changes Don’t Last And What You Can Do About It

Many people I’ve ran into since starting this blog have commented about what a good place I’m in right now. And it’s true, my life is in a really good place and I feel great. But, it hasn’t always been this way and I fought a long battle to be where I am now....
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My Top Mistakes and Failures of 2015 And Why They Don’t Bother Me

Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate ourselves and all we’ve done during this time of year. We get so focused on things we didn’t do,  how we fell short of goals and made mistakes. We think about the diets that didn’t stick, the good intentions to change habits that faded away and how we really need......
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What Will People Think of Me? How I Learned to Build Authentic Confidence and Let Go of My Obsession With Acceptance

What will people think of me? These six little words are more powerful than you know. Six tiny words that used to RULE MY LIFE. Sometimes they still try to. Old habits die hard....
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