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Getting Your Shaming Inner Critic To Shut Up: 8 Self-Love Tips for Weight Loss and Changing Your Life

God I’m so stupid, how could I do that?!? I’m such an idiot. I knew I was going to eventually screw up, I always do this. Well, I’ve already f*cked up, so screw it. I knew I couldn’t do this. Have you ever said these things to yourself? It makes me cringe to think that......
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My Top Mistakes and Failures of 2015 And Why They Don’t Bother Me

Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate ourselves and all we’ve done during this time of year. We get so focused on things we didn’t do,  how we fell short of goals and made mistakes. We think about the diets that didn’t stick, the good intentions to change habits that faded away and how we really need......
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