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Getting Your Shaming Inner Critic To Shut Up: 8 Self-Love Tips for Weight Loss and Changing Your Life

God I’m so stupid, how could I do that?!? I’m such an idiot. I knew I was going to eventually screw up, I always do this. Well, I’ve already f*cked up, so screw it. I knew I couldn’t do this. Have you ever said these things to yourself? It makes me cringe to think that......
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Bad Spanish: A Hilarious and Powerful Teacher

“Donde está el baño?” The man looked at me with confusion and pointed over his shoulder and then got up to let me by. I hadn’t spoken Spanish to a live person in about a year. I was using a new app on my phone, Duolingo, to refresh my Spanish speaking skills before our trip......
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I Know You. And You Do Not Need To Change A Thing.

I know you. You are kind. You are compassionate. You are loving....
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